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Scoliosis is a curve in the spine of more than 10 degrees. If you could view your spine from the back or front it should be straight. The spine in scoliosis not only curves, but also twists. Since ribs and muscles are attached to the spine, the twist will make one side of the back look like it is sticking out more than the other. The cause of most scoliosis is not known. 2-3% of kids will have a small curve. Large Curves are 7 times more common in girls than boys and much more common in children over the age of 10 rather than younger children. Juvenile Scoliosis (kids with curves noted between the ages of 4 and 10) and Infantile Scoliosis (kids whose curves are noted before the age of 4) are much less common.

Bracing for Scoliosis

Bracing is often used in scoliosis to prevent worsening of the curve.  This video provides an introduction to bracing for you and your child.