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Boy born with one-in-a-million condition takes 1st steps with prosthetic leg

A Chicago toddler who was born with a one-in-a-million condition that left him without part of his right leg is now walking thanks to a prosthetic leg.

Your Healthy Family: The "do's and don'ts" for your child's backpack

Pediatricians say overloading your child's backpack for school can cause some serious back pain or other issues.

Colona family treats twins with club foot at University of Iowa

About one in one thousand babies are born with clubfoot in the United States each year. In most of those cases, families can prepare when club foot is diagnosed during pregnancy, but for the McDaniels, it was unexpected.

Determined woman with cerebral palsy graduates after 22 years

Graduation day was special for Lademann in several ways – of course, completing her studies was one, but another was being able to walk, hand-in-hand, with the doctor that helped her get to this point to accept her diploma.

Teenager overcomes medical obstacles to become a collegiate decathlete

Schrader said that thanks to modern techniques...this surgery is now really stable and allows patients, like Roberts, to live a normal life after recovery.

US Olympic sport climber Kyra Condie not slowed after 10 fused vertebrae in her spine

"It just shows that even if somebody has scoliosis and they have a fusion, they can achieve things and do what they want to do," Lonstein said

Not Your Average Cast

Pediatric orthopaedic surgeon lifts patients' spirits with decorated casts

Bone and Joint Action Week

Celebrate Bone and Joint Action Week & World PB& J Day!

Youth sport superspecialization: A path to injuries, burnout

Article featuring POSNA members sheds light on the dangers of specializing in one sport.

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