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Georgia soccer player back in the game after major hip surgery

"If she did the ‘Band-Aid approach,’ she might do well for several years, perhaps even through college, but the symptoms could come back," Schrader says.

Tips to Avoid Injuries on the Playground

"Dr. Christopher Minnock, a pediatric orthopedic surgeon, shares how your children can avoid sports or playground-related injuries this school year."

Evan's Story: Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital Gave our Son Renewed Hope and Optimism

"...It was a complicated surgery, but because of the team approach beforehand, Evan's surgery went as well as it did."

Tampa Bay student inspiring other 'Scoliwarriors' following severe scoliosis diagnosis journey

"Ninth grade, I was getting a routine physical exam to play volleyball and when I bent down, she analyzed my back and noticed that there was a curvature." She was diagnosed with a severe case of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis - a curvature and a twisting of the spine."

Opinion: Students’ backpacks are too heavy and why it matters

‘Mine weighs close to 20 pounds, the same weight as a large watermelon’

‘Keep a close eye on them’ (Trampoline Safety)

Trampolines make for great childhood fun. But it's important to recognize the inherent risks, doctors say.

Boy born with one-in-a-million condition takes 1st steps with prosthetic leg

A Chicago toddler who was born with a one-in-a-million condition that left him without part of his right leg is now walking thanks to a prosthetic leg.

Your Healthy Family: The "do's and don'ts" for your child's backpack

Pediatricians say overloading your child's backpack for school can cause some serious back pain or other issues.

Colona family treats twins with club foot at University of Iowa

About one in one thousand babies are born with clubfoot in the United States each year. In most of those cases, families can prepare when club foot is diagnosed during pregnancy, but for the McDaniels, it was unexpected.

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