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April 2016


My child has Sticker Syndrome. She has genu valgum. I need information about growth plate surgery or other treatments for this. Is this possible?

Follow up question: Is this surgery that is done in both legs or just the one that is most affected?
Keywords: genu valgum, stickler syndrome, growth plate, limb length discrepancy
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March 2016


Good morning, I have a 6 year old little girl that for the past two months has complained of ankle pain, every time she runs the near right lateral malleolus ligament gets swollen. It only happens when she runs or jumps in place. She got referred to an orthopedic. They didn't do much but look at her foot, do some exercise in place so they dismissed her because she didn't hurt. The problem is she hurts only when she runs or jumps. Any insight is appreciated. Thank you.
Keywords: foot, ankle
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February 2016


My almost 17 year old son was just found to have thoracic kyphosis at 86 degrees. Can bracing and PT fix it or is surgery the best option? I worry about his future with part of his spine fused.
Keywords: thoracic kyphosis, spine
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January 2016


Is it bad for my child to sit in the "W" position? (Both knees touching floor and feet out to the side)
Keywords: hip joints, flexibility
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December 2015


Why should I take my child to a pediatric orthopaedist instead of a general orthopaedist?
Keywords: pediatric orthopaedist
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November 2015


My child and his friend both had broken bones in their arms. My child's friend was able to get a short cast that was below the elbow, but my child had to get a long cast that was above the elbow. How come they had different casts?
Keywords: fracture, cast
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