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March 2018


My 10 year old son was recently seen in Urgent Care for knee pain and diagnosed with Patellar Sleeve Fracture. My son was running during PE and felt a pop in his knee. Is this normal for a child and is surgery the only way to treat. I was told to contact a Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon because he will need a surgery. How did this happen without any physical contact such as a fall?
Keywords: "patellar sleeve fractures", patella, "knee cap bone", knee, fractures
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January 2018


I suspect my son has Osgood Schlatter's Disease. Is it important to have an official diagnosis for this or should we just begin home treatment with this assumption? My understanding is that there is not much that can be done--just rest, icing, stretching and strengthening.
Keywords: "osgood-schlatter's disease", "osgood schlatters",
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November 2017


My daughter had an MRI in both knees to rule out Osteochondritis dissecans lesions(had this condition once before but thankfully doesn't have it again). However, we see a rheumatologist because my daughter has Stickler Syndrome and is prone to early onset arthritis, particularly osteoarthritis. MRI didn't show ODL but it appeared to show edema in the quadriceps fat pad in both knees with the left being worse than the right.

In general what causes edema in the above referenced area of the knee? I'm just trying to understand. Thanks for your consideration.
Keywords: "osteochondritis dissecans lesions", ODL, edema, "stickler syndrome"
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October 2017


Is surgery the only procedure to correct children's developmental hip dysplasia?
Keywords: "hip dysplasia", DDH, "developmental hip dysplasia", treatment, hip, dysplasia
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September 2017


My grandson is 9 years old very petite for his age, He is really tiny. He broke his arm (humerus) while throwing the basketball at the basket. It turns out he has aggressive Unicameral bone cyst. They will do a biopsy next week. My question is what is the proper treatment for this tumor? The tumor is very large compared to his bones and I believe it may be in his growth plate. Thank you so much for your help!
Keywords: "unicameral bone cyst", "bone cyst", "benign lesion", cysts
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August 2017


On July 22, my 8 year old son broke his left wrist and I immediately brought him to our local ER. They X-rayed and temporarily splint it. On July 24 we brought him to a local orthopedic surgeon who performed a closed reduction and sugar tong splint it till yesterday, then he X-rayed again and casted it. To us, it barely looks any different and we just want to verify that our son is being treated properly. The bone was not completely alligned when it was casted. I have X-rays.
Keywords: wrist, fracture, radius, casting, "closed reduction", "sugar tong splint", "distal radius", "wrist fracture"
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June 2017


What is the clinical or medical term for being pigeon-toed, or toes turning in?
Keywords: intoeing, "pigeon toed", pigeon-toed
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May 2017


I have a 16 month old baby girl with genu valgum. She started walking at 11 months and within a couple months, I realized her bowed legs. It is more evident when she is standing up. It's not getting worse, but I haven't noticed any improvement at all. She falls and trips often and that worries me a lot. What should I do?
Keywords: "genu valgum", "knock-knees", "knock knees"
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April 2017


My 8 year old son suffered a distal humerus fracture and dislocation and was operated on with K-wire inserted inside the bone. Now it's been almost 4 months. I want to know how many days total are required for healing and when the patient can be treated and play as normal without expecting injury if the elbow is hit.
Keywords: "distal humerus fracture", dislocation, "kids injuries", "broken bones", "k-wire", "elbow injuries", "elbow dislocation", fractures, elbow, "elbow injuries"
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March 2017


My baby was born with right and left displaced hips, but the left one is worse. He wore a harness for more than two months. After three months and an X-ray the doctor said the right hip is quite normal, but the left one still needs time. I don't want to lose time to find out the left hip is still not normal. Please advise me on what to do.
Keywords: dysplasia, DDH, "hip dysplasia", pavlik, "pavlik harness", brace
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