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June 2020


My baby is 16 months. She was standing on her toes with left leg and we consulted an ortho and he said a nerve got stretched. We tried some physio also. He advised for a minor surgery and said to go for second opinion. I need your suggestion. I'll be very grateful to u and my baby should walk normally...

- India (Parent)



Thank you for your question and concern about your daughter. It would be interesting to know what nerve was actually stretched, and how. It sounds like your daughter is developing an equinus contracture at her ankle which is often due to tightness in the Achilles tendon. This can occur due to a variety of reasons, a nerve being stretched is one of them. I would recommend that she be evaluated by a nerve specialist called a neurologist first to determine if in fact her tightness is due to a stretched nerve or something else. After that, if she continues to walk on her toes and she has an actual tightness or contracture of her heel tendon, then a lengthening can occur, which is a small procedure. The point of the procedure is to make the tendon longer to prevent abnormal walking and future pain. I hope that this helps!

- Philip Nowicki, MD


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