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Dear Doctor

June 2016


I have a friend who recently gave birth to a baby boy who was born with a cleft hand (right hand fingers joined and an underdeveloped index finger). My friend lives in Nicaragua. What is the possibility of the baby receiving treatment here in the US?

- Vanessa - Texas (Parent)


There are 2 possibilities for care for your friend’s child. First, there are many mission trips, including specific ones for congenital hand issues, that travel to places like Nicaragua. Your friend might be able to inquire at the main children’s hospital to see if someone from a medical mission trip is coming to help. 

The other possibility is to have the parents arrange for treatment in the US. Many hospitals or global care organizations assist with international travel for children to have surgery. I would try to have them go to a hospital that has specialists in pediatric hand surgery that have experience in treating cleft hand, which is relatively rare. 


- Vanessa - Texas (Parent)