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Dear Doctor

May 2020


My 2.5 years old boy is telling me that his lower back hurts like a pinch. When he was 14 months old he was administered a spinal tap in his lower back. Is it possible that the pain is associated with the spinal tap? We would like to rule it out as an issue to be concerned about.

- Parent


It is very unlikely that this long from when he had the spinal tap he would have pain resulting from it. Sometimes kids may associate pain with something else they remember as painful, which can lead to them saying that they have a specific pain like the one they had before, and parents are understandably vigilant when their child has had to undergo a painful procedure. But, most likely these are not related. If the pain continues without getting better, it would be reasonable to have your son see a pediatric orthopaedist to get checked out. You can find a list of specialists here:

- Parent