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Dear Doctor

October 2016


I have 4.5 year old daughter who already finished her right foot clubfoot treatment. The left foot now seems to have a flatfoot. Can you recommend any specialist shoes company or brand which we can buy from. I've been searching for a while but couldn't find any.

- Tamim-Kuwait (Parent)


Thank you for your question. It is wonderful to hear that your daughter is finishing her clubfoot treatment. As far as her other foot, it is actually very normal for children her age to have flat feet. This is due to a few things.  Most children do not develop the arch in their foot until they are older. Many young children still have baby fat on the bottom of their feet. Also, many have very loose ligaments which cause the feet to flatten when they stand. This changes as they get older and the ligament tighten. We typically do not recommend arch supports for young children because they are not necessary. This is likely why you are having difficulty findings shoes.  In general, we recommend shoes that are flexible on the bottom so that children can use their natural foot motion when walking. If your daughter continues to have a flat foot as she gets older, we typically only recommend arch supports if she is having pain. For now, there is no need to worry!

- Tamim-Kuwait (Parent)