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May 2017


I have a 16 month old baby girl with genu valgum. She started walking at 11 months and within a couple months, I realized her bowed legs. It is more evident when she is standing up. It's not getting worse, but I haven't noticed any improvement at all. She falls and trips often and that worries me a lot. What should I do?
Keywords: "genu valgum", "knock-knees", "knock knees"
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April 2017


My 8 year old son suffered a distal humerus fracture and dislocation and was operated on with K-wire inserted inside the bone. Now it's been almost 4 months. I want to know how many days total are required for healing and when the patient can be treated and play as normal without expecting injury if the elbow is hit.
Keywords: "distal humerus fracture", dislocation, "kids injuries", "broken bones", "k-wire", "elbow injuries", "elbow dislocation", fractures, elbow, "elbow injuries"
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March 2017


My baby was born with right and left displaced hips, but the left one is worse. He wore a harness for more than two months. After three months and an X-ray the doctor said the right hip is quite normal, but the left one still needs time. I don't want to lose time to find out the left hip is still not normal. Please advise me on what to do.
Keywords: dysplasia, DDH, "hip dysplasia", pavlik, "pavlik harness", brace
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February 2017


I have a nine year old boy who adopts a limp only after being at school all day or after physical activity. He has now started to walk on his toes without realizing to alleviate the pain. We have been having physical therapy for four months, but they won't X-ray. The therapy is not working and this has been going on for seven months now. Any ideas? It is the sole of his feet and ankles that he complains is hurting.
Keywords: limp, ligaments, tendons, bony, "bony problems", "growth plates", apophysitis, pediatric, orthopaedic, "pediatric orthopaedic surgeon", limp, "toe walking", "stress fractures", overuse
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January 2017


My 30 month old daughter fell from around 17 feet high and had a (L) femur fracture around 1 month ago. Doctors put her on traction for 2 days and then put a Spica cast on her, but after three weeks we repeated the X-ray and that showed that the bones are overlapped more than they had at the time of accident, and the fractured bones are away from each other. Can you please suggest what we must do so that she can recover quickly?
Keywords: fracture, femur, "spica cast", "femur fracture"
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December 2016


What are the signs of meniscular tears, and what can be done to care for and prevent them?
Keywords: "meniscal tears", knee, joint, swelling, tears, meniscal, meniscular
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November 2016


We just saw a PA in Orthopedics and he said our son may have femoral anteversion or tibial torsion and they should self correct at 8-12 years. Our son is 5 years old currently and turns in his feet when walking or running. Should we get a second opinion? No x-rays were taken, and no definite diagnosis was even given. He said the literature is against sole inserts or braces, saying they do nothing.
Keywords: "femoral anteversion", gait, "tibial torsion",
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October 2016


I have 4.5 year old daughter who already finished her right foot clubfoot treatment. The left foot now seems to have a flatfoot. Can you recommend any specialist shoes company or brand which we can buy from. I've been searching for a while but couldn't find any.
Keywords: flatfoot, clubfoot
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September 2016


I have a newborn girl with a severe left club foot plus lower leg bone deformity. I am searching for a way to correct the baby leg so she can walk like a normal kid, but I don't know where to start. We saw an orthopedic specialist a few days ago and he does not know what to do with the baby case. I am frustrated and hope to find out what I can do for our daughter. What is the chance that the foot can be correctly fixed and when can we start?
Keywords: "lower leg deformity", pediatric, orthopedist, clubfoot, "club foot", deformity, "leg deformity"
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August 2016


Is it normal for kids to walk on their tiptoes? What can cause this and do what age is it treatable?
Keywords: toe walking
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