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February 2019


Could hip dysplasia be treated with massage? Once my daughter was diagnosed (she was 4 months old then), I was told to take her to a massage specialist. I understand it's not an option, but could it have a beneficial effect on her?
Keywords: "hip dysplasia", dysplasia, hip
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December 2018


I’m a 13 (almost 14) years old, and been having knee pain in the front of my knee right below it, sometimes on the sides, and in the back for the past 3 months, with no swelling, a few to no bruises. It all started after a softball game, I was sitting on the floor and I got up, and when I went to put pressure on my leg I had a shooting pain in my knee and I could barely walk. Ever since that night every once in a while I get really bad knee pain and it usually last 3-8 days.
Keywords: "knee pain", "sports injury", knee
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November 2018


My son who is 7 months old is suffering from soft tissue swelling on the dorsum of the foot from birth. This condition is present on both of his feet. This condition is also known as clubfoot if I am correct. Now I would like to know if treatment is possible for this condition. If so does he have to undergo any surgery, or can the condition be treated without any kind of surgery? If surgery is needed what will be the total cost including hospital fee and at what age can he undergo it?
Keywords: clubfoot, "soft tissue swelling", dorsum, ponseti
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October 2018


My son is 14 years of age and he is complaining of lower back pain. Does it have something to do with growing pains of is the need to worry?
Keywords: "low back pain", "back pain"
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September 2018


My son was recently diagnosed with cerebral palsy at age 11 years, he has flat feet and out-toeing noticed by the physician who diagnosed him. What are treatment options? Is it too late at this age to correct?
Keywords: "cerebral palsy", "flat feet"
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August 2018


My son had club feet in both legs. He was done with casting at the age of 10 days and then he started wearing brace shoes. Now he is one year old. He stands but has not started walking. I am worried about his walking issue and how much time it will need to cure completely?
Keywords: clubfoot, ponseti, "clubfoot deformity", casting
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July 2018


My daughter has limb length inequality of 2.5-3 cm resulting in a "mild" lumbar curve to her spine. Epiphysiodesis is something I am recommended to consider. Here's my question: If we do not do the epiphysiodesis procedure, what will be the short and longterm consequences? And, if those consequence are a "possibility", how strong of a possibility are they? Thank you for your opinion!
Keywords: Epiphysiodesis, "limb length"
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June 2018


How is recently found hip dysplasia in a 7 year old treated typically?
Keywords: "hip dysplasia", DDH, "developmental dysplasia of the hip", hip
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May 2018


My daughter had surgery because she suffered a Salter-Harris 3 on her ankle. She was put in a cast. It has been taken off, but is it normal for her foot to look skinny? It looks shorter than the other one, but I’m not sure if it’s just because it looks skinny. Should I be worried? Thank you.
Keywords: foot, ankle, casting, "salter-harris 3", "ankle fracture"
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March 2018


My 10 year old son was recently seen in Urgent Care for knee pain and diagnosed with Patellar Sleeve Fracture. My son was running during PE and felt a pop in his knee. Is this normal for a child and is surgery the only way to treat. I was told to contact a Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon because he will need a surgery. How did this happen without any physical contact such as a fall?
Keywords: "patellar sleeve fractures", patella, "knee cap bone", knee, fractures
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