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Dear Doctor

May 2020


Has anyone come across a six year olds elbow become frozen in either full extention or full flexion? After two surgeries due to a broken elbow we were recommended to use a static progressive stretch device because of lack of ROM and its use has resulted in this new condition. We are not sure what to do for our little girl and there seem to be no experts we can turn too.

- United Kingdom (Parent)


I checked with a pediatric hand specialist. He noted that some complications of elbow fractures can lead to severe stiffness, such as heterotopic ossification (which is an excess of bone growth). Probably your daughter needs a new xray, and if possible, to see a pediatric hand specialist near you (this could be a pediatric orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in the hand and elbow or a hand surgeon who specializes in pediatric patients). 

- United Kingdom (Parent)