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Dear Doctor

February 2020


I have an 11 year old daughter that has been diagnosed with letter S scoliosis with 44 degree on the top and 26 degrees on the bottom. I tried the Boston brace on her but it was useless mainly because it hurts her growing chest and rib so the brace was not worn as much as it should. We came across the Gensingen Brace and we are hoping that this could be our answer. Please kindly share your thoughts. 

- Indonesia (Parent)


The Gensingen brace is quite nice, and some orthotists feel that it is more comfortable than the Boston brace.
There is no evidence supporting Gensingen, Cheneau, Rigo-Cheneau or anything else over the Boston brace, but sometimes kids find one type of brace more or less comfortable. 

- Indonesia (Parent)